Ham Hash met FIMS

Ham Hash met FIMS

A simple dish serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The important pressing egg with scrambled eggs is just as you solve, with love: it is easy on the Sunny side to boil or tightened. Of course, you will get all kinds of recipes with sweet potatoes, and we also love it, even if we sometimes prefer fried items – it’s a real thing.

The kitchen should pan where it contains a special place in grabbing the full range of stunning dishes from fried banana cordon Keto with honey. Is not it smart to cook? Now, for some time you have to face sweet potatoes consumption on your polio yritra. Pets are not low carbohydrate lifestyles, and the sweet potato is the most commonly known nerve. Sweet potatoes are vitamin A and C, abundant in antioxidants, and they also contain high levels of manganese and B6.

 They are very diverse and can be added to sweet or salty vessels. If you get low carbohydrates, try changing some donkeys or summer squashes. So go ahead and get sweet potatoes and retail margins! Remember to refresh freshly and stale leaves, it’s always a wonderful look to keep the green on the plate. Egg fried pork serves on fried pork with recipe: 4Prep: 15 minCook: 30 minutes protein: 17g / 18% fat: / 19% carbohydrates 18g 26g / plus material plus 63% material 2 spoon Toggle olive oil 4 tablespoon butter or sweet milk 2 sweet potatoes, open and chopped 1 spoon. Tim fresh 1/4 tea spoon chilly flax 1 onion, kitty 1 beef ham piece large kitty 4 eggs 2 cup fresh spinach, kitty 10 citrus fresh leaves, two pieces fresh tomato, salt, canned soy spicy and fresh Mtost-high Spoon 2 spoon butter with a large olive oil on the heat, raw pepper in the pan. Add pan and sweet potatoes with sample and pepper, pepper, lime and chilli.

As long as potatoes are not tender, and a little golden brown, then add onion and ham. Separate brightness on the medium medium heat for 4 minutes, the remaining butter melted. Put the egg in the pan and the season with salt and pepper. Add polish and stool to potatoes. Cook until the wrist begins, but for just a few minutes. Remove heat Take the egg on the end of the dish by adding kit tomatoes.

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